The Value of Organizing a Techstars Startup Weekend

Whether you are looking to build a startup community in your local city, or interested in developing as an entrepreneur yourself, organizing is a great way to get involved in the startup community. Here are a few reasons our organizers decide to get involved:

  • Play a vital role in building startup culture and creating impact in your community.
  • Join a family of over 1,000 passionate, capable, and connected Organizers around the world.
  • Meet amazing people.
  • Potential to travel around the world as a Techstars Startup Weekend Certified Facilitator.
  • Potential to attend one of our Organizer’s Summit.

Head over to the Organizer Application page to learn more (we recommend starting here). 


Organizer Resources

Organizer’s Guide

Everything you need to know about Organizing. The ‘owner’s manual’ for putting together a Techstars Startup Weekend – includes instructions and best practices for everything you need to know.

Organizers Toolkit

The toolkit hosts all templates, resources, and documents to make organizing easier, faster and more consistent.

Organizer's Checklist

This checklist will help you stay on top of all tasks your team needs to complete to organize a successful Techstars Startup Weekend.

Udemy Organizer Training Course

These videos cover key Techstars Startup Weekend concepts and walk through major milestones of organizing. These videos should be watched by all new organizers and revisited by anyone who needs a refresher. (Use Password ‘ourorganizersrock’ to login).

Community Leader Tools

Your event planning hub. This is where you will setup your ticketing and event website, manage finances, submit reimbursements and invoice sponsors. 

Note: You will need to log into this site. Usernames are created from the email and social credentials submitted in the event application. If you cannot login please email [email protected].

Techstars Startup Weekend Organizer Facebook Group

Organizing doesn’t have to be lonely! Join our Organizer Facebook group to connect with other organizers in different cities. This is a great group to ask questions, get feedback and learn about Techstars Startup Weekend activity around the world.

Support Portal

Can’t find what you are looking for? The support portal is the place to ask questions, find information and read about program updates.