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Startup Weekend is extremely excited to welcome a new global partner to the family: The Coca-Cola Company. Besides being one of the most iconic brands in the world, The Coca-Cola Company is dedicated to spurring innovation, inspiring entrepreneurs, and supporting the world’s greatest innovators.

Since the first serving of Coca-Cola at Jacobs’ pharmacy more than 125 years ago, innovation has been a part of The Coca-Cola Company’s DNA. With over 500 brands in more than 200 countries, Coca-Cola develops new beverages, packaging, equipment, and content on a daily basis.

Their relentless focus on innovation continues to drive them forward; in fact, they are recognized among names synonymous with innovation such as Amazon and Google, having recently been named to Fast Company’s 2013 ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’ list.

They recently created the Plantbottle, a bottle made of 30% plant based PET, with the goal of creating the first 100% plant based PET bottle. They also created the Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain dispenser – capable of dispensing over 100 different brands. Their innovation also takes a socially responsible angle with two of their biggest initiatives: The 5by20 program and development of the Slingshot Vapor Distillation device. 5by20 is set to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020, and the Slingshot Vapor Distillation device is currently being piloted in partnership with Dean Kamen to bring clean water to the world.

Coca-Cola’s commitment to community has been paramount to their success, and they want to be a catalyst for entrepreneurs and their communities around the world. Just like the people who started out as their founders, they believe in making something that they believe in, something people will love, and helping others to do the same. Innovation is about growth, and with Coca-Cola, we will continue to grow communities, economies, and people as we work to inspire and empower creation.

How can Coke help entrepreneurs? By sharing knowledge, resources, and assets like infrastructure, scale, and expertise, Coke wants to help entrepreneurs succeed faster. They hope to help inspire invention and prototyping, and to help people gain the practical skills that it takes to imagine and deliver ideas. As the first non-tech sponsor of Startup Weekend, they bring expertise in the physical delivery of ideas and a new set of resources, perspective, and knowledge to our community.

The Coca-Cola Company also sincerely hopes you, the entrepreneurs out there, will continue to inspire them (and all of us!) to do better and keep advancing ideas that will help us create a better world together.

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