Organize a Startup Weekend

I. The Value of Organizing with Startup Weekend

  • Play a vital role in building startup culture and creating impact in your community.
  • Join a family of over 1000 passionate, capable and connected Organizers around the globe.
  • Meet amazing people.
  • Potential to travel around the world as a Startup Weekend Certified Facilitator.
  • Potential to attend the annual 3-day Startup Organizer’s Summit.

II. How it Works

Startup Weekend is not your typical event. We are an Organization built around an extended network of hundreds of passionate, skilled, and empowered volunteers around the world. Every event is operated semi-autonomously, with all aspects of the event being planned and executed by a team of local Organizers. Our small, full-time Events team provides ongoing support to each Event’s Organizing Team throughout the event planning process, from systems management, advice on best practices (see The Organizer’s Guide), facilitating connections, and more.

III. What It Takes

Organizing a successful Startup Weekend event is no simple feat; it requires a serious commitment of time and energy over a period of many months. As an Organizer, you are responsible for nearly all aspects of putting together a great event, including:

  • Building a team
  • Choosing a suitable date and venue to host the event
  • Reaching out to speakers, coaches, and judges
  • Promoting the event to the community
  • Sourcing local sponsorships to help cover event costs and managing the event budget
  • Managing food, drink, and supplies for the event

Think you’re up to it? Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Attend a Startup Weekend event

All Startup Weekend Organizers must have previously attended a Startup Weekend event. This is important for a number of reasons, but the bottom line is there is simply no way to fully understand what Startup Weekend is all about without experiencing it firsthand. We strongly recommend you not only attend to observe, but actually participate on a team. We’re fortunate enough to have events on every Continent, so there should be an upcoming event near you.

Step 2: Read the Rules & Requirements

While we’re not a rule-oriented Organization, in order to maintain a high level of quality, consistency and to ensure that every event provides maximum value to its participants, there are some basic rules and requirements we require all Organizers and Events to abide by. Before submitting an application, you must carefully read these Rules.

Step 3: Apply

When you’re ready, fill out the Event Application. Please answer each field to the best of your ability, as your answers will in large part determine whether or not your Application is accepted. Once completed, your Regional Operations Manager will be in touch.

For a step by step look at what organizing entails, check out the Organizer’s Guide!